autobotAI - Cloud Governance Solution for Cost Management, Security Compliance and Automation. GUI, VUI (Alexa) and ChatBot(ChatOps) enabled

Why autobotAI?

autobotAI is a Cloud Governance Solution with GUI, ChatOps and VUI to manage cloud infrastructure. autobotAI is designed to ease mundane tasks like Security compliance check, Cost optimization, Billing and Budget management and much more.. Backend Artificial Intelligence learns every day. It suggests and implements the best practice for your cloud infrastructure.


autobotAI can do a lot at your command.

autobotAI ChatOps and Alexa

autobotAI ChatOps can become virtual cloud assistance manager. It can automate Level 1 operations tasks and works with backend real human intelligence for task handover. You can also use the Alexa skill to interact with it more naturally.

Security Compliance Management

Security is a big deal. Now it is easier to know how your infrastructure stacks up to the best practices in security compliance.

Alert Management

autobotAI automatically checks for CloudWatch alarm configuration and configures all the important alarms in minutes. autobotAI helps you configure auto-recovery for all the EC2 instances all you have to do is say it. It also cleans up unused alarms to save cost.

Cost Optimisation

Know your bill. Manage budgets. Get to know your monthly, quarterly or yearly forecast before budget exceeds the threshold. autobotAI identifies unwanted resources and hints for cost optimisation. It is really good at finding out resources which are not required or not in use still costing you a lot of money.

AWS Scheduled Events

Keep eye on AWS Scheduled events affecting your resources just by chatting with autobotAI. This could prevent any downtime or data loss. Always ask autobotAI about scheduled events while you are driving to work.


autobotAI has many automations which help you manage your infrastructure easily. It can schedule EC2 instances for you, configure CloudWatch agent, generate compliance reports and much more.

autobotAI is a CloudOps automation platform that enables you to enhance operational excellence, security, reliability and cost optimization


Benefits of using autobotAI for CloudOps/DevOps


Cloud Cost Management

autobotAI is all you need to monitor cloud costs, optimize cloud services, and gain governance control on your Amazon Cloud (AWS)


Cloud Security Compliance

autobotAI helps getting real-time scan for your cloud compliance to identify risks and security violations based on AWS well-architected framework & cloud security best practices. Assess and mitigate vulnerabilities and adapt AI-powered cloud security management for your business.


CloudOps, DevOps and SecOps Automation

autobotAI simplifies your life by making it easier and faster to do CloudOps. autobotAI can do a lot while making yourself a cup of coffee. Frequent tasks like starting/stopping resources, checking for aws scheduled events, security checks and much more.

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